Corrado D'Altamura

May 2009

Federico Ricci (1809-1877)

Corrado D'Altamura (Auszüge)

World Premiere Recording

Release date: 1.5.2009


Dimitra Theodossiou, Dmitry Korchak, James Westman, Ann Taylor, Andrew Foster-Williams, Cora Burggraaf, Geoffrey Mitchell Choir, Philharmonia Orchestra, Roland Böer 


OperaRara , DDD, 2008


Bayern 4 Klassik, 27.05.2009:

„Dass die Oper rein musikalisch auch heute noch zu interessieren vermag, liegt zweifellos an den überzeugenden Leistungen von Dimitra Theodossiou als Delizia, Dmitry Korchak als Roggero und James Westman in der Titelrolle, Interpreten, die sowohl den vokalen Anforderunge wie den Erfordernissen der Gestaltung gerecht werden – eine lohnende Neuentdeckung für die tifosi der italienischen Oper.“

Orpheus international, Juli/August 2009

„(...) gesungen wird unter Roland Böers Leitung wirklich rasant, nicht britophil anämisch wie manchmal.

Opera, Eric Myers, August 2009

„Still, this remains an exciting, unfairly neglected work, and on this disc of highlights it is very well served by Roland Böer’s sensitive conducting of the Philharmonia.“

Opernwelt 9 / 2009:

„Eine echte Entdeckung mithin, die nur den Wunsch nach einer Gesamtaufnahme offen lässt.“

Opernglas 9 / 2009:

„Zur technisch hochkarätigen Aufnahme tragen stilsicher und engagiert einige bekannte Solisten bei, denen man für die Einstudierung dieser wohl kaum jemals aufgeführten Oper dankbar sein muss.“

Musical Criticism / Dominic McHugh:

„The work's serious tone is indeed striking, from the dark, grave prelude to the spellbinding final scene. Ricci is capable of great complexity, including the interweaving of the voices with different instrumental lines in the orchestra and sophisticated large-scale structures. Jeremy Commons notes in his liner essay that the choice of ostinato figures in Ricci's score is unusually nuanced, as well as a sense of the theatrical. Listen to the trumpet blares, trombone scales and cymbal crashes at the start of the first-act finale to witness a composer with a forward-thinking attitude to vivid opera orchestration. There is such promise in the work that it's a shame that Ricci did not take his career further; all but one of his remaining operas, it seems, was unsuccessful at his premiere, and as we know, his works have all but sunk into oblivion.“

„Top marks here to Roland Böer and the Philharmonia Orchestra for providing a near-ideal accompaniment in this recording. There's such vitality about the playing that one would imagine the orchestra had the theatre in its blood, rather than spending most of its time in the concert hall. Böer's tempo choices tend to be sprightly but never rushed, and he breathes with his singers.“


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